Monday, December 16, 2013

tour packages

i have been doing some geocaches lately that i have left undone for years, mostly because they seemed like more annoyance than they're worth.

now, however, i'm trying to do one a day for some 250 days (you need a project, right?) and being able to check some of those off of my list will help a lot toward that.

so i have made a thorough tour of every bank in williston, every meat merchant in williston, and a great many fireplugs in williston because you have to go around to all these things and write down numbers and then perform a few layers of arithmetic because this sort of thing passes as a clever puzzle, i guess.

i am going to get these people.

i am going to put one out that make you visit every darn storm drain in williston, figure out for yourself which numbers or letters you should be collecting, and then perform some layers of arithmetic and maybe an encryption, just for spite.

because the things people say about these little tours is all stuff like "that was a fun and clever puzzle" instead of "well, that's four hours of my life i'll never get back".

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