Thursday, December 26, 2013


so i was out on a stupidly cold and snowy day looking for a geocache and i heard a thing on the radio about candymaking and they were talking about honeycomb candy, which i looked up when i got home because it sounded like fun.

i was encouraged when i looked it up at home, because recipes for this candy are both on food sites and SCIENCE sites, so that's promising.

because, really, who doesn't love candymaking that involves a molten sugar baking soda volcano?

candy AND 'splosions. best of two worlds.

it's easy, too, if you don't count breaking it up after it cools, because while it's easy to break, it is not so easy to break in a controlled fashion so you get bite-sized pieces on account of it's mostly air and very fragile.

it's fancy-looking when you put it in little baggies to give to people, too.

and it's fun. so when barb came over to do craft projects, i said we ought to make a batch of this stuff for entertainment purposes IF she promised to take the batch with her when she went, because i already had enough of the stuff here at the house and quite frankly more than i can sensibly give away as gifts.

barb likes candy, and barb also likes science-y things. because, well, she's actually a scientist by training and trade and uses a microscope at work and stuff.

when it was time to add the baking soda, barb shot video while i whisked.

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