Monday, December 23, 2013

the stink of desperation

i am noticing in these last few days before christmas the proliferation of commercials for perfumes.

aside from the usual message that goes with perfume commercials (smell like this and you will enjoy languid sex with no regard for even the laws of physics), there is a stink of desperation.

this uptick in perfume commercials is aimed at people who REALLY don't know what to get someone for christmas, but want to get something impressive.

you show me a man who gives his wife expensive perfume for every gift-giving occasion and i will show you an old-fashioned ass who has some very set ideas about what women should and should not do and he just can't be arsed to get her something thoughtful that she will like.

granted, some women like scents, but going to "perfume!" all the time just lacks imagination of any kind.

here are the idea i think perfume commercials are trying to convey:

don't know what to get her/him? perfume!

don't have enough time to shop for something? perfume!

afraid you didn't get her/him enough stuff? perfume!

unsure that your gifts are sufficient enough to buy you awesome, frictionless sexiness? PERFUME!


and i'm sick of ads telling me how to "get more christmas", because obviously "more christmas" equates to consuming more stuff.

i'm not buying.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Part of my (admittedly somewhat ridiculous) issue with Santa is that it's become a way to sell more crap. Because it's not enough for a kid's parents to get him a gift (or ten), but the kid must get presents from Santa, too, or Christmas will be RUINED and you are a BAD PARENT. The fact that a magical story has been appropriated by marketers is seriously obnoxious.

I hate marketing of any kind, and any attempt to make me into a happy consumer makes me into a very unhappy and stubborn non-consumer.

flask said...

not to mention that this type of marketing pressures families to buy more stuff than they can afford.

in my family, however, "santa" is code for "someone here bought you this bizarre and/or extravagant thing but nobody want to own up to it".

Zhoen said...

I detest perfume, never wear it, can't stand it on others. Haven't been given any since adulthood, but it was my aunts and mother's go to present.


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