Thursday, October 16, 2014

daggett rock

ok, so i'm going back to things that happened last month, because i'm only getting to sort out the pictures now.

if you're reading this blog because you like a nice linear telling of events, you are not going to enjoy this.

anyway, last month i was at a geocache party and i ran into TAT, whom i had met at another party some months ago, so we weren't totally strangers and i was looking for a car to ride in to go geocaching during the day because i wanted to leave my car and equipment to the friend i had brought on the roadtrip so that she could go off and go biking or kayaking or leaf-peeping or whatever her little heart desired and so TAT and i were going to go off caching in his car and find a crapton of caches.

parenthetically, TAT has a real name, but among geocachers we are often known by our geocache names and many of us (like me) use as our geocache handles the aliases we've had since the dawn of the internet or even earlier when we adopted camp names or as children were experimenting with aliases.

i've been "flask ehrlenmeyer" since about 1976.

anyway, i'm in a car with TAT and he says we can powercache as planned OR we can go off and he'll show me some of his favorite maine geocaches. he's sort of apologetic about that second choice, as if it might not be as good as finding a crapton of caches.

but really, i can go out and find a crapton of low-hanging fruit just about any old day.

and TAT is kind of a big deal. he is my favorite kind of Important Person, in that he is sufficiently unimpressed by his own importantness that he seems mostly unaware of it. if you hear about it, you mostly hear about it from other people.

so i'm all, like, what? are you KIDDING? of COURSE let's go to your favorite maine geocaches. this is an OPPORTUNITY.

he takes me to some very pretty waterfalls and then he takes me to daggett rock.

now, if you've been in a room with me for more than an hour, you probably know that i am fond of rocks.

and this rock is a stunningly large glacial erratic. i recommend that you read about it here.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

love the photos and honest to God am so jealous that you can spend your days doing things that you love so much. I envy that.

Cookie said...

If I saw that amazing rock, I'd hug it too.


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