Tuesday, October 21, 2014

rock pile

last month on my adventure day with TAT, he kept referring to some mysterious cabin as the place where we should eat lunch.

i didn't give it too much thought.

it's like that when you go off for an adventure day with a near stranger who has the agenda of showing you cool places.

i'm not telling you exactly what town this thing is in, because it's open to the public but largely unpublicized, so while visitors are welcome, too many visitors would kind of spoil the vibe of the place.

basically, it's insanity of the nicest kind: one family decided to build a rock pile. they built it kind of like a mayan-style pyramid and when they were done building it, for good measure they put a cabin on the top of it.

a cabin furnished with a fireplace and a table and chairs and a gas stove and a patio and a grill and wineglasses and everything.

you have to bring your own water, but they provide the firewood.

and even the tootsie pops.

and they've cut trails on their land, which are also open to the public.

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