Saturday, October 04, 2014

your face will freeze that way

thursday i went to see the dermatologist to have a little thing frozen off of my face.

it's pretty much the same patch of actinic keratosis i had last year, only it's back. and the only thing that makes is really worrisome is that it's one my face, because FACE.

if it was on my butt nobody would care about getting it taken care of now, NOW, NOW because if they have to, they can just carve a whole chunk out of your butt and nobody will know the difference.

so if this latest freezing of it doesn't work, they're going to want to move to some kinds cream thingie which is basically diluted chemo in a facial cream.

i'm hoping for the freeze to have worked this time. she was "more aggressive" with the freezing this time.

i wish to pause here to remind you that the application of liquid nitrogen to the face is very uncomfortable. it is not huge on the giant scale of pain, but it's very intense discomfort on a very sensitive body part. it is breath-takingly sharp in its discomfort in a way that, say, a torn rotator cuff or a bone bruise is not.

anyway, you remember that thing people say to kids? you face will freeze that way?

yeah, well.

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