Tuesday, October 14, 2014

republican ticket

in a couple of weeks it will be election day.of course the campaigning will only rachet up and never, ever decrease. not ever. it's interesting, though.

in my state we are almost certainly going to re-elect the smarmy sleazy democratic incumbent governor.

i'm going to vote for him for the single reason that the national republican party is a scary, scary organization and the governor's job is too close to national politics and i am afraid.

 the republicans in this state have a hard time getting candidates to run, so the best they can drum up is scott milne. i have written about his mother, the recently deceased marion milne.

she was a giant. he is not.

scott milne's campaign seems to consist mainly of two messages: 1) i am not governor shumlin, and 2) everything is unfair. the campaign is stacked against me.

i want to tell him to pull up his big boy pants.

in other parts of the ticket, phil scott, the incumbent (republican) lieutenant governor is running for re-election, and he's going to be elected probably by a wide margin. i think he could get elected governor if he'd run, but i think he's found a job he's good at and he's sticking to it.

everyone around him flings poo and he goes about the quiet business of getting stuff done.

phil scott is a big boy wearing big boy pants. he does not badmouth the (democratic) governor with whom he serves, and where he disagrees wildly with the governor he is quick to say he does not like the plan, but he is willing to try it and see how it goes.

and then he does not sabotage the plan.

you know he's going to be re-elected because lawn signs in his support are seen on the lawns of both republicans and democrats.

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