Sunday, October 12, 2014

ten minutes on antler hill

no, i do not have a grape pie hangover. i still have three slices of grape pie left and i have a couple of quarts of grapes that i think i'm going to make into pie filling.

things have slowed down for about a day, so i thought i'd take a few minutes to write a few geocaching logs and to process some photos and video as long as i'm here doing laundry.

remember a couple of weeks ago when i said i was at that fabulous party in maine? well, i've only just gotten to the pictures from that, so i spent the morning processing some video from that.

the short version of the story is that we were driving around on antler hill off of the jim pond road (look up the maps yourself) and it was fantastic scenery and at one point we got to a place with a good view where we had some lunch and we decided to stick the gopro to the hood on the way down so you can see.

here's ten minutes on antler hill.


Cookie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The blazing colors had me mesmerized until around 6:39, when those bone-rattling bumps almost threw me out of the back seat! ;)

Hundewanderer said...

Very pretty. Thank you for sharing.


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