Monday, October 06, 2014

this is your pie

yesterday we hiked up the gorge in watkins glen state park. that's a lot of stairs. when we got to the top we were thinking we might take the shuttle bus down on account of knees and also to save time because we had other things to see.

at the top we met a pair of older ladies who had wanted to take the shuttle thinking it was free, but had come without cash and it was only three dollars, so i said i'f cover them.

they said it would be ok but they wanted to pay me back in the parking lot where their money was.

when we got there i said "you know what? forget about it." and i told them the story of the grape pie.

this is your pie, i told them.

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Friko said...

yes, I went back and read all about the grape pie.

Is it ‘what goes round, comes round?’

I like it when a good deed becomes history, as in growing into a whole row of good deed.

Bad deeds should also return, in triplicate, and bite the original bad deeder severely with every repetition.

PS: I like homemade grape jelly.


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