Friday, October 03, 2014

old red spring

recently i was in saratoga and we happened to go by the old red spring, and of course i had to taste some, because i am a big fan of spring water in general.

now of course saratoga is THE place to go and "take the waters" and if you go there you can even download and print up a snazzy tour map to help you get to all eighteen public springs and i might do it one day just to have done it, but i tell you: i will not need to taste the old red spring again.

here is what i initially wrote about that:

augh! bleaagh! euuugh! wah. wagh. egh. af. ef. blah. 
bleargh. ffft. fwt. fwt. 
that. is the second worst thing i ever tasted.
but don't take my word for it. you try some too.

if you INSIST on trying this thing and you cannot make the trip to saratoga, find an old iron bridge in need of repair.

lick it.

alternately, scrape off some rust flakes and just hold them in your mouth.


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