Wednesday, October 15, 2014

price chopper

yesterday i went to the price chopper on route 15 in essex. it's not my usual grocery store for reasons that mostly include convenience, but yesterday i happened to have been in the neighborhood and did my shopping there.

when you shop there you are often asked by friendly workers if they can help you find something. they appear to have a store culture in which they care if you have a pleasant shopping day.

so yesterday i got all my shoppings done and then realized that i had not remembered to bring my wallet in from the car.

and then when i went to ask the customer service lady if i could park my full cart somewhere safe i realized that i had left my wallet at home, in the bag i had taken with me to go somewhere the day before so the nice lady found a safe refrigerated place for my cart while i drove home and when i asked her if i should ask for her when i got back, she said that she would make sure the people working the front end would know about it and where to find my cart.

...which is exactly what happened.

when it boils down to the elementals, they weren't required to be so kind or helpful in the face of MY mistake.

but they were.

which kind of inclines me to shop there sometimes, convenient or not.


Cookie said...

Absolutely. Customer service matters quite a bit to many of us. What a sweet story!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

We always shopped at Price Chopper when we lived in Albany, NY. I don't recall exceptional customer service, but I DO recall a lot of 3 for 1 kind of deals.

We have Wegman's around here, which is known for exceptional customer service AND really, really good employment conditions. The only reasons I don't shop there are that it's farther away and the tile they have in the produce area combined with the always-large crowds creates the kind of noise that makes me want to curl into the fetal position. Not the place for a highly sensitive person.

flask said...

kristin, i was recently in your wegman's.

because SHOPPINGS! they have things there we do not have here, lyle's golden syrup! big bags of dried shiitake!! all those kinds of beans!!!

a visit to Small City is never complete without a visit to wegman's. it is the last thing i do before i leave town.


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