Wednesday, October 29, 2014

press 2 for spanish

i get cranky every time in am in some public place near my home and i am presented with a spanish language option.

i'm irritated about spanish language options, but not for the usual reasons. i am angry about spanish language options in northern vermont because if we're going to be offering a second language option to make things more convenient for people whose first language is not english, the most logical choice based on number of speakers is FRENCH.

french is the most widely spoken language aside from english in vermont households, both because of our long-standing french heritage and our current influx of african immigrants, many of whom speak french as a second or third language.

on top of which, we are nestled very snugly up against the largest french-speaking population in north america (quebec) and if we're going to be offering second language options, the convenience of a large segment of our tourist population is also a viable consideration.

so. most widely used secondary language, by a wide margin: french.

why are we still pressing 2 for spanish?

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