Wednesday, October 22, 2014

it's good luck.

two weeks ago in between wine tastings, we pulled into a parking lot for a trailhead. we were there to go for a nice little walk and find a geocache, and also since it was lunchtime, we started to pull out the foods. nothing terribly fancy, but i know how to picnic.

there was a young couple there getting ready to go off backpacking for a couple of chilly nights.

now, i know that every calorie you can consume that you didn't have to carry is a bonus. so i invited them over to join us for lunch. "it's good luck to feed backpackers", i told them.

the young man said he hadn't heard that.

but it is. how could it NOT be good luck?

so they came over and shared out bread and cheese and hummus.

they were funny, too. at one point in the conversation i said something about sleeping out and bivvy sacks and "when you are a middle aged lady" and i paused here to say "it WILL happen to one of you, sooner or later" and the young woman said "you never know. it could happen to both of us." and the young man said "it's not likely, but i'm not ruling it out. you never know"

we all laughed.

 and he helped himself to more cheese.

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