Tuesday, October 28, 2014

seven falls

ok, i'm back to writing about things that happened a month ago.

so on my adventure day with my new friend TAT we're driving around looking at his favorite places and a lot of them are waterfalls. he says we're going to go to his waterfall., only we've been going to a lot of waterfalls so this one is special?

and bit by bit over a number of hours this story develops: he's always wanted to have a waterfall. and a friend of his was working as an agent for diamond matchstick when they were unloading some property and they had this parcel that had no real value except it had this waterfall on it, so TAT bought it.

and then one day a geocache showed up on it, and he's pretty sure nobody asked the landowner for permission, since he happens to be the landowner. but he'd have given permission for it, so he decided it was ok.

there's some other stuff in the story, but that's as much as i'm telling you.

it's a very lovely waterfall, though. it has, as promised, seven falls and the sound of the place is kind of incredible.

here's a little video.

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Cookie said...

....one of my very favorite sounds. Thank you for sharing this!


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