Thursday, October 23, 2014

early morning in small towns

when i wake up in the morning for most of the year, it's dark. i like it that way, because by the time the sun rises, i feel i've gotten stuff done. my preferred way to start the morning is to crawl out of bed and have a little breakfast and do computer things in a leisurely fashion until it's light out, or until i'm ready to go do things.

it's a pleasant way to start my morning, and doubly so when i am camping.

when you are an early riser at home, you don't notice so much your neighbors waking around you.

when you are an early riser waking up in campsites near small towns and then subsequently driving to the small town libraries to sit and do your habitual morning computer things, you see tiny flickers of the quiet early hours in people's houses along the way. before six o'clock most of the houses are dark, and a few have one light on somewhere, someone rising quietly.

around six lights start coming on in houses hear and there and by seven most houses are mostly lit; people getting up, getting their kids up, days beginning.

good morning, people of tiny towns.

good day.

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