Sunday, October 10, 2010

better be good cheese

after i got home from  my trip early on account of the biological thing, i had to stay home because i had to be in church this morning to sing a big whopping solo. not the kind of solo where the choir sings and you maybe have a descant or you maybe do the introduction or a verse or something, but the kind of solo where it's the YOU show and the choir is just there for backup. intricate, difficult backup, but backup nonetheless.

and the choir director wrote to me weeks ago asking if i'd do it and i said oh, that's sweet, but i'm going to be away. let me see if i can switch my travel plans. and he said we could do it november seventh and i was all, like, AWESOME! that works out great for me, plus it's international susan youens day, a holiday that maybe only i celebrate, perhaps to the amazement of susan youens, but i'm like that.

anyway, it was all settled and then two weeks ago he wrote me and said the pastor REALLY wants to do it october 10, so he has to move it back but if i can't come home they'll do it with someone else and then again in the spring with me and i'm all, like, dude.  i haven't even seen the music and i'm not so married to the idea of doing this solo anyway, so just go ahead and do it and don't worry about the spring and he writes back to say he WANTS to to it in the spring because what he really had in mind from the  beginning was doing it with me, which is not only sweet of him to say, but it's a fantastic honor.

so i made sure to be there.

and then after church i had to go geocaching because it's 10.10.10 and geocaching is what we're doing today. it was the one thing i had PLANNED to be doing today, so i went and did that and then i played half a round of disc golf because i was nearby and then came home to make the little muffins i need to take with me tomorrow and now i'm baking brownies because -get this- last time i was at the grocery store, they had mascarpone cheese!

i had never seen it before and didn't know if i was ever going to see it again, so i scooped it right up (six dollars for the tub) and here i am.

if you'll excuse me, i still have some packing to do and i have to go make a ganache.

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