Thursday, October 28, 2010

united airlines

what hatwipes.

cr has been sitting for the last ten hours at burlington international airport for a united airlines flight that keeps getting incrementally delayed and they keep rebooking her connecting flight and now she's only waiting to see if they're going to get out of btv at all but if the idiots at united had a pair among them, they'd just tell everyone to go home and they'd book them on real flights that are going to get off the gound.

that plane is just sitting on the tarmac and the hatwipes at united airlines are blaming it on the MANUFACTURER OF A PART!

here's a clue, united airlines: maintain your freakin' planes and staff your freakin' shops, you money-sucking soul-stealing fart-collecting incompetents!

you and the rest of the airline industry will complain that it's HARD for you to make a penny but here's how it is, pinheads at united airlines at birlington international airport: it's hard for everybody, and that includes the people actually PAYING for the services you're providing at such alarmingly low competency levels.

i bet the STOCKHOLDERS still get THEIR money.

none of you hatwipes should be getting money if you're not providing competent service and that goes for you needleheads at the TSA, too.

united airlines. pfft.

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