Monday, October 18, 2010

mass appeal

today i went down into massachusetts.

no, peg, i don't think you would have seenvery much by way of reasons for this trip or the others unless you are following not only ALL of tis blog from pretty near the beginning, and also large numbers of geocaching logs dating back four or five years.

short version: i am an a-number-one bona fide nutjob. twice a year i pack up my car and travel without plan or destinaton, stopping at regular intervals for prayer. although i started doing it because i was crazy, i noticed that doign it made me slightly less crazy for a while and since there aren't any effective medications i can take anymore, this will have to do.

so i travel around, going to assorted geocaches (they make as nice a frame as any on which to hang my travels) and i take pretty pitures and meet interesting people and sometimes (more often than can me ascribed to simple coincidence) i encounter people who need or want my help in some way.

and then often when i've met a lot of these people my invisible friend suggests that maybe i might take a few days and call it a vacation.

i am not sure, but tomorrow maybe i will go down and visit a buddhist shrine and stay for the afternoon prayers, but then i get back to my campsite a long time after dark.

anyway, it's interesting.

today i was coming through downtown adams (not boston, but still a city, fer pete's sake!) and there was a small herd of deer stnding in a parking lot, looking very much like they couldn't figure out how they got there and wondering if they should cross route 8.

before that i was coming up through savoy and discovered a roadside spring, which means i didn't have to go out of my way or spend money to replenish my supply of water. i like free things: free water, free campsites. i'm out here on a shoestring budget.

and then even earlier i was wandering for a number of hours in the woods, al dressed up in my cute nerd-o-rama clothing including enough hunter orange to make me legal in pennsylvania, even though it's not required in MA. it's kind of a good idea, though, 'coz even though it ain't rifle season (deer) a number of other things are in season and it's suck to get shot by a careless hunter. mostly the idiots don't come out until rfle season, but you never know.

and i saw an awesome pile of bearshit! you maybe don't see what's awsome at all about bearshit, bt it's really interesting to see what they're eating and stuff. it's a nature nerd thing.

and i got to see a lot of feral apple trees, which was wildly interesting to me because i'm listening to a book about reproductive strategies in plants and this morning a chapter or two about apples in particular.


ok. that's my day. it's time to go out to camp and wash up. it's cold again tonight. good sleeping; sucky washing up.

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