Saturday, October 30, 2010

in the air, on the ground

so. cr's plane got off the ground and it was pretty exciting, sitting near my campsite a hundred miles away listening in to the tower finally clear her flight a mere ten hours and 21 minutes after it was scheduled to take off.

united may break guitarvs, but if cr's fight (which by the time it went out only had five people on it) united arlines will me be breaking ther piggy bank soon, and i say good riddance to them. united breaks guitars. united breaks whatever plans you have for your day.

anyway, i'm down here on the ground with mr. cr and we're going to tour the manassas battlefields and stuff today. then we'll drive down to fredericksburg tonight. then i don't know what will happen.

yesterday on the road i was in an amazing would-have-been, and if not for some very fancy driving on account of a trucker and some moderately fancy driving on my part, that trucker would have plowed into the recently disabled vehicle facing wrong way to and parked halfway across the left lane. the trucker was in th left lane and i was in the left lane, and of course there were tractor trailers to our right and jersey barriers to our left, and let's just say nobody was hurt but there was a lot of noice and smoke and a pumping of adrenaline and then a just getting on with it.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are literally in my back yard! Manassas battlefields are 5-10 minutes away. Depending on which end you're at. So Hello!!

flask said...

huh. funny.

or not, i guess.

i've left manassas, but i', in thornburgh and after world came crashing in yesterday i don't know what to do.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

are you okay?

flask said...

no, and thanks for asking.

sometimes in your life a Very Bad Thing happens and you maybe recover from it and maybe not and maybe you can't ever talk about it, but here i am.

maybe by thursday i'll be able to go home.

meanwhile virginia seems to be very nice this time of year.

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