Tuesday, October 05, 2010


i know i said i was on the road, and i was.

and then i had to come home nearly unexpectedly, on account of some biological thing.

which means that now it is inconvenient for me to be absent for a rehearsal of the church choir that i would really prefer to go to, anyway. sometimes things work out.

it also gives me some time to look at some maps and read up on some stuff and maybe spend a few days writing my geocaching blogs so i can maybe get caught up with the second week of may or something (cough, cough)...

but in the meantime here's a fun little doohickey that you will like if you either like maps or literature. i like both, as it happens.

it does not work on whatever version of firefox i prefer (no, i don't feel like clicking the little box to find out for you), but it works great on chrome and probably a handful of other browsers i don't have open right now.

i gotta go.

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