Monday, October 11, 2010

something right

road post.

so i stopped tonight to get a burger in white river junction, but the mcdonald's there had a big old sign in front of it supporting a candidate i don't like. i mean, i REALLY don't like him.  so i didn't eat there, and i won't be stopping there anymore in the future. later on i'll write to the owner and tell him that no matter how the election turns out, he's lost my business.

so in order to get my dinner then i took myself on down the road and somebody there is doing something very, very right.

if you've been following my story, you have read my account of a bad visit to a BK last summer, and i have been in some good fast food places and some grumpy ones and some out-and-out scary ones.

this place was awesome. i do not know what those managers are doing right there (the mcdonald's in springfield, VT) but to start with, the place was nice and clean. the workers were pleasant and attentive to the customers and to each other, and that one kid picked up a mop and started cleaning just because she had nothing else to do.


and while i was waiting for my burger (not long), i heard them talking among themselves. they teased each other a little, but they spoke with kindness and in that short time i heard them talk to or of each other using the words "smart" "beautiful" "favorite" "fast", and they were efficient and all looked happy and everyone was working.

i didn't wait long, and when my burger came, it was properly assembled. often you can get burger mash and too-old fries crumpled up and tossed at you by surly people in stained clothing, but these guys just got it completely right.

and yes, later on i WILL be writing to their store's owner, too.

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RW said...

People in jobs open to public viewing get stuck in their work culture and don't realize what they look like to people sometimes.

It's telling.

But if I had ANY kind of a business I would NEVER put a political sign up of any kind. How stupid is that??


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