Thursday, October 14, 2010

gone and mostly forgotten

i am unexpectedly in hatfield, MA. it's not that i'm completely surprised to be here, but i did not expect necessarily to stay here overnight, much less two nights.

a friend of mine lives here. the kind of friend you have from the time you hit the ground in fourth grade. so i came to visit and we went to dinner and talked way past my bedtime (of course, my bedtime these days is not too long after the sun sets) but her driveway is pleasant to sleep in, so i'm signed up for another night.

yes, she has a guest room. it's just that it's hard for me to get used to sleeping in a strange bed, and since i have my bed with me in the driveway, i just retire there after my lovely hot shower.

i don't feel like i did much of anything today,even though we went for a walk this mornign and then i went to the library to catch up on my emails and stuff and then i went into northampton and played a full eighteen holes of golf.

i also loked a little for some geocaches, but came up with not much of anything. except a tick.

peggy, i'm assuming that you found, but the basic idea is that people with GPS receivers hide things for other people with GPS receivers to come find. there is a logbook to sign in and typically you log onto the website and make a few notes about your find.

i first heard about it a number of years ago on the radio. the reporter visited a cache that contained some marbles and army men and maybe a few other things i forget and i listened to that discovery and thought "i gotta get me a GPS receiver and play that!"

so i do. if you're looking for me in that game, i'm flask. follow along at your own risk.

if you are wondering what the heck this picture has to do with anything, i took it yesterday on my way here. pretty spot, if not well-remembered or maintained.

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