Sunday, October 03, 2010

last week's news

last week there was a lot of buzz about the pew forum quiz about people's knowledge of religion. the big splash in it was, of course, that atheists and agnostics knew more about religion than the mainstream protestants or anyone else mostly, except jews.

considering that study in general is a part of traditional jewish culture, this is not entirely surprising. it is also sadly not surprising how little the average american christian knows about religion. it's not surprising to me in light of the goofy things that i heard supposed christians say about what "good" christians would do or what Jesus would want or how scary people of other faiths are.

maybe what they really mean is that what they do not know scares them and they will make up the rest to suit their needs.

me, i got a perfect score. i'd feel smug about that, but i'm pretty sure that Jesus does not expect me to sit around and gloat. it's sunday morning. i gotta go to church.

and then, who knows?

i'll let you know when i get there.

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