Wednesday, October 20, 2010

not the day i expected to have

there STILL aren't picture uploads, so i can't show you where i was at time of noon prayer, and  can't show you the old schoolhouse and i can't show you the cemetery on the hill.

and i don't think i want to tell you about them without a picture, and with each passing minute the temperature is dropping and i don't smell anywhere near clean enough to skimp on the washing-up tonight, even though i might go home tomorrow.


you want to know how i'll decide? if it's rainy tomorrow  i'm going home. i almost went home today but then i wanted to do a few things and ended up doing none of them but instead did some other things that were maybe better, so it wasn't the day i expected to have, but it was the day i had and now even though it's not yet eight o'clock the sun has been down over an hour and i'm getting kind of sleepy.

the weather guy cannot say for sure if there will be rain tomorrow, or if there is rain, when it will arrive or where it will fall. usually my weather guy has a pretty good degree of accuracy, but for tomorrow's forecast he's just thrown up his hands and the best he can do is explain all the variables that may or may not come into play.

it's like that sometimes.

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