Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just add water

yesterday i woke up in my beautiful lodgings in the green mountain national forest, somewhere off of forest road 71. look it up yourself if you want to; i'm siting in my car at an open network and linkage isn't so easy when you have tobalance everything in your lap.

anyway, first thing in the day after breakfast i wnet off to look for a couple of geocaches. later on i'll have pictures and maybe even a little video for you, but not just yet.

but i was thinking of this woman whose blog i read (and no, i will NOT link you) and the thing about her blog is that she posts a lot of links to etsy shops (which you know are designed to drive incestuous etsy linkers to link to her, but we all know that doesn't really translate into sales or even real readership) and she posts a lot of links to stuff she thinks sounds trendy and a couple of weeks ago she posted that she'd heard of geocaching and thought it sounded like LOTS of fun and i was almost expecting from her "wow-isn't this-new-and-fresh" blog entry that maybe she might actually GO geocaching and tell us about it.

maybe she found out it's not all that new and fresh and that we've been doing it for ten years.  it's still fun, but it's not new. or even trendy. and i hope it will get les trendy, too.

maybe if i'm feeling ornery later i'll write in to ask her how her geocaching adventure went.

so anyway, then some stuff happened and then some other stuff and although i wasn't really in a hurry to find many caches, i only found five on the day but the last two were in places that were so beautiful i could cry, and then i came back into town and just happened to be on my way to somewhere else and i had this hunch that i ought to turn around and go back the way i came and there was this pizza place back on a hidden corner and since i was near an open network i googled them and every link, event he ones that said specifically "wilmington VT" led to the webpage for zuppardi's apizza in west haven, CT. so i just walked over to order, just like everyone else.

it turns out that the guy is closing this vermont place to go back and be with his family at home. it is awesome pizza, though.  the crust is crunchy but yet still doughy like i like it on the inside; both crispy and chewy and that's really hard to bring off, especially if you do it for real and not like a national chain i could mention that achieves that effect through the liberal application of fats.

but this is an awesome pie. the eggplant is perfect and the onions are sweet and the sauce is full of the real flavor made of good ingredients and not just weak flavors transmitted by way of cheap fats and salts.

you know that, don't you? flavor molecules are most easily transmitted by way of fats? so it's cheap and easy to load things up with fat and go light on real vegetables and care.

but anyway, this thing is just about perfect. the crust is not just both crispy and chewy, but it has good flavor that only comes from good dough and i am so in love.

usually i expect to pay about fourteen dollars for a fourteen inch pie, but this one was worth the extra three dollars.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay that pizza sounded perfect.
I LOVE pizza that is crispy, crunchy yet soft in the middle. Sort of like real good Italian bread. Crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy in the middle. perfecto!

And you are spot on with the fresh ingredients vs flavor through fat! It's called real food.

But since I'm your dumb ass friend I have no idea what geocaches is.After googling it I still wasn't completely sure i got it.
Dumb ass blogger friend.


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