Saturday, July 14, 2012

bastille day, 2012

here are some unrelated things:

cory doctorow had some interesting things to say today about comment spam.

today i went two whole laps around the blue course. the blue course is not hard and two laps is only 10k, but it is the best i've been able to do in a long, long time. small steps.

and today the french were out in insane numbers on the tour course because it's bastille day and that's what they do.

i have been in love with the tour de france since i was twelve years old and we saw a movie in school that had a few minutes about the tour. i remember thinking that it was hardcore. and heroic.

and it is.

i've never ridden much more than a hundred miles a day, and not the way those boys do it.

but i have sweated and cried and struggled in bike races and i have done these things sometimes on the same course at the same time with a man who has been though the tour more than once and in the news and on television they seem like gods to us small riders on the ground, but here, on our home courses, they are regular men.

and they are heroic.

later on i will want to talk with you about that.

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