Monday, July 30, 2012


if you've been following my story, you know that i have been working hard to regain my physical conditioning.  you know that i do not race the way i used to once. it was before i started writing this blog, but a very long time ago i was out of shape and my mom gave me a bike and i got into shape and i won some races and i moved up from one lap to two to three before i got sick and in this last episode it's been hard for me to ride a whole lap at all nevermind at race speed, and only in granny gears.

last season (year two or something of the spotty recovery) it was a big deal to get onto the middle chainring at all for any of that one lap.

in the last few weeks during my daily workouts, i have been able to go first one and a half laps, then two laps, solid. and in the middle chainring, most of the time.

then i was starting to get onto the big chainring sometimes.

today i went one lap on the yellow course and two on the blue, because we'll race the blue course tomorrow and wednesday. this was the first time i have gone three laps at any speed in over a year.

i am getting my legs back.

five, six years from now, maybe i will be back in racing form.

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