Thursday, July 19, 2012

crashing bore

last night on my race i was going fast.

really, really fast.

until i was suddenly not going at all anymore.

i plowed into the ground on my right side and heard a terrible sickening snapping sound and i was lying on my back on the ground unable to move and aware of pain, but not able to identify exactly what hurt or how much.

it took a few minutes to get it sorted out.

collarbone not broken. (i have broken this one twice before.)

so what's the snapping noise? maybe the shoulder separating again?

hard to tell, since i know i already have one little muscle up there torn and never repaired.

then when they were getting ready to walk me out, we found the source of the horrible snapping noise: my right shifter is broken. snapped right off.

and i hit the ground so hard that the end plug on the opposite side of the bar popped right out.

i've spent most of the day lying down. there's no structural damage, but a good deal of bruises. last night a lot of that bruising was in the shoulder under the shoulder blade, so my armpit was all swollen and everything and i couldn't move it much but today as long as i don't try to go anywhere too fast or stay up too long, i'm doing pretty well.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Right shifter?
Hope you're feeling better soon!

flask said...

peg, on most bikes, the shifters on the right are the ones that move the chain on the rear cassette.

the levers live in an aluminum plate mounted to the handlebar.

the plate is snapped in two.

i am feeling partly better and partly not. the shoulder where there ws the most pain is much better i think because there was a lot of swelling in there and that's subsided.

the bruises from where my bike frame hit me or where my neck and back bent during the impact are having that second day bruise effect where they hurt much more.

so some parts better, some parts worse, but no real damage and i at least feel like i'm on the mend.


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