Monday, July 02, 2012


if you're following along, you know that my red bike suffered catastrophic frame failure a couple of weeks ago.

what you haven't known is that i have been unable to take it down from the roof of my car, unwilling to endure that heartbreak.

and today i figured it was not possible for me to feel more heartbroken, so what the hell?

and i got home from my ride and i unracked it and when i brought it down, my hand slid right onto the part of the frame that was broken and the pressure of the lift and then the drop to the ground alternately opened and shut the place where the frame had broken, and by bad luck or foggy inattention or just by realizing too late how it had slid, the webbing between my thumb and index finger was pinched -hard- and it looked like it was going to start bleeding real soon but of course i had to do two things, in this order:

1) take a picture of that sucker.

2) elevate it and clamp on pressure.

so outside of some rudimentary cleaning out, i didn't mess with it and i have it bandaged pretty tight.

there's a lot of swelling in the area and there's going to be a lot of bruising i think, but i am not taking that bandage off to see how it is.

if you're looking at the picture, this is about twenty seconds after the injury.

funny thing is that i had a moment where i went "oh, no! that finger is numb!" and then i calmed right the heck down because i remembered that i have no feeling on one side of that finger anyway.

i'm just not usually paying attention.

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