Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i really hate this

i was going to tell you about last night's storm or maybe today's workday in moretown, but two things really got my goat this afternoon.

first, i do not like to see people riding bicycles without helmets. double my dislike for people riding ATVs without helmets.

my level of disapproval goes off the scale when i see people riding ATVs with small children in their laps, especially if they allow the toddlers to steer the vehicle.

today i was particularly teed of when i saw this, because only fifteen minutes before i had seen a guy in a pickup truck drive by my house with a TODDLER IN HIS LAP STEERING THE TRUCK!



Zhoen said...

Intelligence has it's limits. Stupidity is boundless.

Mad Jack said...

Now, now. Let us not be too critical.

When I was about 4 or 5, my father would let me steer the pickup truck from the barn to the house - a journey of some 1000 feet. I think our top speed was 3 MPH and our path, with me steering, was - creative. Naturally I was under supervision.

The question I kept asking my father was something along the line of, "Why does it keep going all over the place?"


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