Friday, July 27, 2012

olympic hopeful

i'm watching the opening ceremonies, just like everyone else.

i've become increasingly jaded by olympic coverage and aggressive cease and desist and sponsorship nasty that i think i'm only ever going to drink pepsi again even though i hate it.

i am excited, though, by watching the parade of nations even though the nbc commentators are idiots who think it's ok to make fun of smaller countries in this moment of their dignity.

i love watching them all come in, proud and amazed and sometimes defiant but they're all there and they're all together.

well, they're not all there. a number of athletes  don't walk in the parade if they have their event tomorrow because of the fatigue, and some of the athletes with events very late in the games aren't even there yet.

but i am even more excited!

lea davison is on the us team! i didn't even know it until i heard the interview with her on vermont public radio last week.

see, i only thought of her as that nice young woman who is a kickass rider and along with her sister (also very  nice) is responsible for the little bellas.

i've chatted with her in the parking lot, and seen her go by in the wednesday night races and i knew she was training with andy, but "olympics" or even "world cup" just never occurred to me.

if you listen to the interview, she says it didn't really occur to her, either.

and on course on wednesday, she went by and there was much cheering.

we hope she will do well.

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