Tuesday, July 10, 2012


tonight i have clean sheets.

my dishes are washed.

my laundry is done.

my hedges have been trimmed.

none of this is because i am effective or ambitious; it is all because my life had fallen apart to the point i couldn't carry on and my mom came out and spent the day putting things to right and oh by the way she had the workmen come and put enough of my closet together so i can at least function in my house without tripping over everything even though that leak still isn't fixed and nothing else gets fixed until we find a mason to get the chimney capped and  i'm all worn out and don't even have the energy to watch youtube but at least my house is clean and tomorrow i will try to at least make myself useful by going out with the work crew to do some demolition work in moretown.

still flood recovery. there's still plenty to do, eleven months on.

too useless to clean my own bathroom, but you give me a prybar and i can still maybe do some good in  the world.

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