Monday, July 16, 2012

i wonder how you are

a lot of the time i don't comment on people's blogs. this is usually because although i am reading and care what they say, i don't have anything to add to the conversation. sometimes i past a few words to say "hello, i am out here and i am reading but i don't have anything to add to the conversation" just because it seems polite to mention that i am out here and that i am paying attention.

to the people with the storm damage, the very pregnant lady suffering in the heat, the guy whose kid is grumpy, the woman trying to sort out a new job, and the too-freshly bereaved: i am out here, and i think of you from time to time.

i wonder how you are, and i wish you well.

to that guy who used to blog a lot but now doesn't, and the woman who switched to facebook: i miss your words. my reading list is poorer and lonelier without you.

i wonder how you are, and i wish you well.

to those folks who kept a blog until suddenly your life fell apart and you stopped updating: i still think about you. i remember your last post or your last few posts and i wish you hadn't stepped off that curb, or had to call the sheriff, or lost faith in yourself.

i wonder how you are, and i wish you well.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I too do this. I read you every day and marvel at your great work with habitat and your bike riding and cooking and yet I do not comment. But know you make me smile and I enjoy your stories!

flask said...

thanks peg.

i'd like to clarify: i've never worked with habitat. our work is an independent group that's dong flood reconstruction. our organizer does a lot of work with habitat, but our workdays with that are months apart.

we've been going freelance into the devastated towns and working with their relief there and also finding work by word of mouth.

funny thing about disaster relief; there's always plenty to do a long time after the disaster.


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