Sunday, July 22, 2012

road ride

view from my bike
yesterday afternoon i decided to go out on my road bike since my mountain bike isn't in from the shop and i figured a road ride to be easier on my shoulder.

i started just east of jonesville and went into richmond, thinking to come back on cochran road and be done with it but i fet so good i went all the way out to waterbury and then back on route 2.

that means in the middle of that back leg there were a few miles of joint-jarring dirt road, but it was still good.

i found that i have more power in my legs than i used to have, and managed to do the whole thing without using the little chainring at all, which was a first for me.

by the time i got done, i had ridden probably twenty minutes longer than my shoulder wanted me to, but other than a little sore and i probably shouldn't ride today (even though it is perfect weather and my legs really want to go again), there's no harm done.

tomorrow will be soon enough.

the tour ended today, and although i know in general how it came out (the last day is nearly never a surprise in the overall outcome), i missed the live broadcast this morning in favor of going to church. there will be a rebroadcast in a few hours and i will watch that and i will see nearly as much and still won't have to watch the horrible primetime coverage.

later on i will tell you about an autograph i have, and maybe talk about the tour and maybe i'll show you a little of what we did friday in waitsfield, but for now i'm going to go have lunch and probably a nap.

for sure i am going to go lie down.

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