Tuesday, July 03, 2012

it looks good.

here's the update on yesterday's hand thingy:

i got lucky.

apparently nowhere along the entire length of the two cuts did they connect, which was a little bit of a worry. some of the flesh in that middle area doesn't seem to be too firmly anchored, but there's a big difference between "not too firmly anchored" and "not anchored".

there is, as i anticipated, a good deal of bruising, but i did not anticipate that the majority of the pain would not be at the wound, but the center of my hand.

because of the swelling, maybe? i don't know *shrug*.

all i know is that i have to go to the store to get some more large bandages and some gloves to keept hat puppy protected because tomorrow i'm working the pit at the barbecue and i'm not looking forward to keeping the hand encased in latex all day, but i'm going to need to keep alternating between the leather gloves for the grill and rubber gloves for handling the raws and i don't see any way to keep everything clean and tight without a base layer that i can wash.

at tonight's race i will be wearing a bike glove and for tomorrow night's race i'm planning on a full-fingered bike glove.

i have a nice thin work glove i was thinking of using as my base layer in the pit, but it's not fully rubberized, so i wouldn't be able to keep it spanky clean.

maybe i'll just talk to the pit boss and beg off of all the wet work and just do the heavy lifting.

last time i worked the pit i had to wear compression shorts because i'd had a bad bike crash and a day of standing and lifting was going to hurt, you know?


Zhoen said...

It would do no good to suggest you just don't work the pit, would it? Had to try...

flask said...

yeah, you can try.

but i bought a box of gloves and i have some tape and we'll see how it goes.

if i don't need to do raws, i won't do raws. and when we move the grill cages, that's a two person job and i can work with the outside of the hand.

worst case: it hurts and i quit.

best case: everything's fine.

i need to go do this thing, though. it is an important social interaction in my currently very complicated life.


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