Monday, July 09, 2012

no, i don't have to.

these days i look forward to the hour when i can simply go to sleep.

sleep is an acceptable compromise between my life as it's happing right now and death.

but i can't do it all day.

i've mentioned once or twice that i am playing glitch and it's a game that seems to be populated by people with a wide variety of disorders all along the obsessive-compulsive spectrum. you talk to people in the game and they'll tell you they have to do their game day chores.

i'm no different. my game day chores aren't necessarily the same as other people's, since i don't give a wet slap about getting badges or leveling up, but i have my own little markers that i like to meet.

for instance: is the price of planks at or below 4.1? do i have enough planks to flood the market if i have to? enough money to buy up as much as i might need to? is there a big pile of free stuff on my front lawn? is it good free stuff, like full stacks of food, and new tools? are my crops harvested? planted?

and i'm looking at the clock and thinking: ugh. i am not done my chores yet. i want to go to bed. but i still have to do my chores.

and you know what? it turns out that it will not matter ONE BIT whether my imaginary crops are planted, or if for a few hours the price of planks rises to 5. everything will be fine tomorrow or even the next day.

so without bothering to collect my daily maximum of quoins or even check the markets, i logged off.

i'm going to bed.

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