Monday, July 23, 2012

whoa! hold the presses!!!

ok, ok, so i was all like, gonna post some pictures of the workday at the green cup (i will later) or the bolton little library (still upcoming- is that too much of a tease?)

but then i was going through my reading list and found a video posted by CGP Grey and i always like his videos so i watched that-

go ahead, i'll wait right here.

and i noticed that he uses the same music that they use in a little flash game i like to play (already listed in online toys and games, over there ----->)

and i like that music, but always assumed it was attached to the game.

so i hung out in the video until the very end of the credits, because if there's one thing CGP Grey does well (besides make videos i like), it's proper attributions.

and the music is by kevin macleod and offered FOR FREE on his site,

...which is just awesome.

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