Saturday, July 07, 2012

lame excuses

i was maybe going to tell you about my day today which was long and hard, but it was good.

our workday for habitat was canceled because the floor pourers hadn't finished their thing, but we had a crew and a day so we went back to that house in richmond and actually finished putting the siding on the house.

that's awesome, but i am too tired to go upstairs and load the photos so you can see.


i was also maybe going to tell you about a funny thing in my spambox, but i am too tired to go upstairs and sort that out.


i was maybe going to tell you about a package i got in the mail two days ago, but i would have to take pictures and stuff.


tonight i want to stay up long enough to watch the primetime coverage of today's tour stage even though the primetime coverage sucks. in order for it to be interesting, you have to actually watch the race. it's time consuming. it's hard to appreciate the intricate workings of the peloton or keep track of the riders if what you're seeing is an endless highlight reel of past years and all the exciting bits of this year's race.

i had to miss the live coverage (which is the only reason i pay for TV) today because of the house thing (see above). i think the only way i can pull that of is to have a shower now and change into my jammies so as soon as those boys cross the finish line i can go to bed.

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