Saturday, October 12, 2013

grape pie

so i was standing in a bakery in montour falls, trying to decide if i could manage to eat a whole grape pie by myself.

back up, back up.

i had heard that out here you really should eat the grape pie, because it is a regional thing, especially in harvest season. and i had never seen any let alone had it, so i started looking for where i might get a slice of grape pie.

because there's only one of me and even if i could eat two pieces, that's about my limit for a day or two.

and i woke up in the morning and drove into montour falls because i had seen a sign at a bakery about grape pie and although you can eat there, the do not sell pie by the slice and nobody there knew of any diner where they did sell grape pie by the slice but plenty of places where i can buy whole pies and i'm standing there trying to figure out how to plan my eating for the next three days to accommodate a whole pie and if that's even possible without a great deal of discomfort and a woman in the shop says "why don't i just buy a whole pie and give you a slice and take the rest to my office?"

and i was all, like, "really? how much do i owe you for that?" and she just waves me off and orders the pie and i am so struck by this kindness that i cry a little.

and it was really good pie.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I don't like grape. But you have me now wanting a slice of that damn pie. Well done flask well done

flask said...

i always say i don't like grape.

grape jelly, grape juice, grape flavored anything. it's all horrid.

and then one day i was a a farmer's market where they GROW grapes and REAL grapes are a whole other animal.

so yeah, that pie was sorta like what grape jelly would be like if it tasted like good fruit.

and yes, it was very good pie.

it was plate-licking good.

it was drop-some on the stickshift and lick THAT good.


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