Friday, October 04, 2013

open letter to the people on nashville road

hi, neighbors!

i notice that you have put up a giant hand painted sign that says SLOW outside your house.

i can only assume that people have been driving hell-for-leather all the way down the road. i admit that i am not always driving the speed limit the full length of nashville road, but i have lived offrum it long enough to know where you can't safely go faster than 25, even if the posted speed limit is 35.

i also know that too many idiots drive wicked fast when they shouldn't.

for what it's worth, i just want you to know that while i am usually already going slow by your house (because there are HOUSES there), when i see your sign i slow down because you asked.

have a nice day.


1 comment:

GDad said...

I hope the Nashville Road people appreciate your concern.


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