Sunday, October 13, 2013

underhill town office

if you go to the town clerk's office in underhill you can ask to see the records in the vault. you don't even have to be particularly looking for something, although old graves and genealogy stuff work very nicely as a reason to be there.

there's a red-bound volume you can hold in your own hand and read where the town clerk recorded in his own hand the deaths and some of the births and the wills and contracts of the town, from back when we paid for things in shillings.

shillings. really.

and it's all there in spidery handwriting, in the ledger the clerk would take and write down the contracts for property sale or visit the dying to take down their wills.

it boggles my little mind to hold this book.

and of course there are maps of all the town cemeteries.

and they don't call it "underhill" for nothin'.

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