Tuesday, October 29, 2013

things that are nice about being home

washing my whole body at once. in a shower. with all the water i want.

being able to use a toilet whenever i feel like it instead of having to plan when i will be near one. this item also covers having to plan to have to use one when it will be available, because it's no good to be near a toilet at 0700 if you know darn well you're going to need to poop around nine.

not having leaves in my asscrack. because sometimes i have to pee THAT BAD and while i don't think twice about peeing in the woods, sometimes it sneaks up on me and i have to pee NOW and when that happens i'm lucky i get my pants down, nevermind finding a place where i won't get sticks and leaves all up in my crack.

knowing i have enough drinking water without needing to make a trip to a spring.

knowing i can go down to the kitchen and eat. whenever.

watching it snow from inside a building and not thinking about having to go out of it to eat, pee, or change clothes.

i'm not saying that i don't love my roadtrips. 

i do.

they're just very different from indoor life and i am very much enjoying the gentler aspects of living indoors today.

is it windy?

i don't care.

did i sweat enough today that i need to find a time and place to wash up really well?

i don't care.

if i take another drink will i need to pee before morning again?

i don't care.

do my phone and camera battery need charging at the same time?

i do not care. i am living INSIDE, yah-boo.

i'm livin' small.

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

no pooping indoors means you're living large my dear.


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