Thursday, October 10, 2013

idiot things about the shutdown


congress passed a bill to give back pay to federal employees who were furloughed after this is all over.

so essentially the government in its wisdom has said we'd like to pay these people for work we're ordering them not to do, which does not sound to me like a huge savings.

we cannot afford to have you come in and do work, we are telling them, but later on we'll pay you for the work you're not doing.

even more awesome: the tea partiers want to sell off the national parks and other "nonproductive" portions of the federal assets. if it's not making money for big business, get it out of there. these people are not at all worried that there will be no research in antarctica this year and that it likely won't continue once it shuts down because we may have money to continue with what we have, but once we shut it down and bring everything home, we won't be able to afford to reinstall everything.

those people are also not at all concerned that medical research will stop. any important medical research should be done by large pharmaceutical companies and that research needn't stop.

those people also do not care that  space research missions that will be unable to launch until 2016 unless they meet the november launch window.

the supreme court is right now hearing a case in which they will probably allow individuals to buy congressional votes outright, because they have already ruled that money IS speech and corporations are persons under the law, so what we have here is a failed government with a highly armed populace and significant factions with a fundamentalist religious view who will welcome violence.

what we really need is for the tea party (which is a wholly owned subsidiary of koch industries) and the rest of congress (a wholly owned subsidiary of monsanto) to dismantle any part of government that doesn't yield bazillions of dollars for people who already have bazillions of dollars.

the rest of you who can't afford medicine or protection or schooling or food, tough.

we are proudly returning to the middle ages.

and the debt ceiling? i do not know why the tea party hatwipes keep framing the debate as the republicans against the president. the president is only able to spend what money CONGRESS HAS ALREADY AGREED TO PAY.

if the president is spending money, it is money that congress has already contracted to pay.

yesterday i heard a woman on the radio say that when a creditor does not receive payment on loans, the creditor can take the collateral. she suggested that we give our largest creditors (china and japan) some of the southern states, starting with florida, texas and kentucky.

but seriously. the reason anyone buys our debt is because we pay our bills. always.

now, when the economy goes into meltdown, who, exactly do you think will suffer?

sure, the koch brothers will lose some of their obscene wealth. sure, the other billionaires will have to cut down a little for about ten minutes. but when the rest of us completely run out of money and have to sell off our assets, those bastards will own everything and then we'll see how good life is going to be for the uninsured, underpaid, unrepresented disenfranchised (but still fully armed) tea partiers out there.


complete freedom means that whoever has the money can do whatever they want.

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