Friday, October 25, 2013

the neighbors

out on forest road 71, you might drive by quickly and assume there's nobody there, or maybe you just see the one trailer and think nobody is home.

but if you are paying attention, you will notice three or four sites that you can see without prying too much that are occupied. if you drive by during the day sometimes the sites look empty, but when you come back at night, there are people there.

farther into the woods, offrum roads with no names, there are other people quietly camping and you have to look kind of hard to see them.

it is, in short, a busy place.

in my neighborhood, i come in at sunset and leave before sunrise, but i like to camp kind of near to the outhouse since all i do there is sleep and use the outhouse.

to the other side of the outhouse is the trailer that almost looks abandoned except on some nights there's a fire and sometimes the dog wanders a little. the men don't get up as early as i do, but they put their fire out and go inside kind of early, so you'd hardly know they're there.

downstreet a little are the red car people. you only ever see their car and if you go by and happen to be looking at just the right angle when there's enough daylight, you can sort of make out the blue tent. most of the time the red car does not move and is there when i come or go, but once they were out.

red car people appear to be friendly with the soloar panel people, who mostly just stay in one place, but i have seen them come and go twice this week. sometimes they walk down to red car campsite and sometimes red car visit them.

once they said hello as they passed on the way.

other than that, it's a pretty quiet neighborhood.

people who don't like the noise can camp farther out in the woods.

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