Friday, October 18, 2013

meanwhile back in july: lobster dinner in alma

the people at the kayak tour tell us how to go about getting lobster dinner the way the locals do it.

the locals, apparently, do not go to a restaurant and order lobster. they go to alma, which is the town where the boats come in and they order a lobster there and buy bread at the bakery and sides at a grocery store and then they go eat it in a park.

every third shop in alma seems to be a lobster shop. when we tell the nice man in the shop that we are from away and do not know how to select a lobster and buy one here, he helps us pick one.

while he's cracking our lobster we tell him that we'd been told that this is the proper wat to get a lobster dinner here and he laughs and says "they told you right."

we have one huge lobster to share between us, because as the man explains, we will get much more meat and at a cheaper price.

ordinarily i will eat a pound and a quarter lobster in a restaurant, which really only yields about 4 ounces of meat.

and in a restaurant you will pay twenty five dollars for that lobster, even though lobster prices at the docks are at an epic low.

the lobster we bought in alma was a gigantic behemoth of a thing and between the two of us we could barely finish it.

and it came in a handy dandy white plastic tray, a rectangular box that is very handy to keep in your car for berry picking or just not losing stuff in the layers of gear you carry.

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