Monday, October 14, 2013

open letter to the democratic congressional campaign committee

dear democratic congressional campaign commmittee,

you guys are idiots.

i am not with you, even though every day you send me emails thanking me for my support and asking me to send money or click on your petition or tell the president i love him.

i'm no fan of the president and i do not like you.

you are only slightly less reprehensible than the tea party puppets of koch industries.

being slightly less reprehensible does not give you a moral high ground.

let's be clear about this: you are scum. you are corrupt self serving power hungry scum and the whole lot of you should be thrown in chains and left to starve until you get down to the business of actual governance.

since you are slightly less reprehensible than the republican tea party arsonists, i will not be pissing in your water while you're in the dungeon.

but no, i won't be sending you any money. i will not be signing your petition so you can go screaming back to show the world how morally superior you are because you're just not.

you deserve to be unemployed and underinsured. you deserve to be living in a house with an underwater mortgage serviced by a collapsing bank ten days from the end of your unemployment benefits. you deserve to be paying for your own chemotherapy out of pocket.

many of you without hyperbole deserve to be in prison for your corruption, bribery, and insider trading.

so the next time you're expecting me to be outraged by the obstructionist assholes, please understand that you are those obstructionist assholes.

just because there's a worse asshole than you somewhere in that cesspit you call congress does not make you decent.

please try harder.

love, flask

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