Monday, October 28, 2013


boo-yah, it was COLD out in the forest last night!!

yesterday morning (that's last tuesday to you) i woke up in the chilly forest a couple of hours before sunrise and first went for a little drive to a geocache out out OUT there and then i went for a lovely little walk along the shore of the somerset reservoir.

i found a fishing pole and a gear bag in the upper parking lot, and it looked like whoever left it loaded up their boat and then forgot to load their fishing stuff.

it's easy enough to do.

so i went through the bag until i found the fishing license of the owner and waited until it was decently late in the morning to call and tell her i had found it. i offered to come down to bennington to bring it, but in the meantime i hid it behind a bush so at least it wasn't out in the open.

an hour or so later she called me to thank me for it, but she would make the trip up herself in the afternoon. i told her where to find her stuff and we wished each other a happy day.

she went to work, i guess.

i went for a bike ride in new hampshire.

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