Saturday, October 19, 2013

meanwhile back in july: the shire

on our way out to alma we passed a sign that said FREE CAMPING and you know that gets my attention, so we made a mental note to stop on the way back.

we pull into the place and there is a sign to tell us about sally the dog, who will bark a lot and want to play frisbee, but is harmless and almost on cue sally the dog appears and barks a lot and brings up her frisbee to be thrown.

there's a big firepit with a sort of roofless gazebo and benches and swings around it and all around i notice little tables and chairs off by what look like trails that go down by the river and i'm just about done reading the information sign when the guy whose land it is comes out to talk with us.

he is lovely and he and his son maintain this beautiful land for people to come and use, and on the full moon of every month they have a big all night outdoor party to which everybody is welcome.

there are trails, he says, suitable for walking or biking.

it is an astoundingly generous way walk on this earth, opening up your land for strangers to use but also installing lovely amenities and surprises to make travelers welcome.

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