Wednesday, October 02, 2013

it's a dirty job

we all use them, and we all notice if they are clean or not.

it's important work, and work a lot of people would rather not have to know about.

i was in the parking lot at catamount the other day and the guy was there to clean out the porta-potties. and that was interesting to me, because however it smells, there is a lot of stuff i didn't know.

like: do you have two tanks on that truck? and two sets of hoses?

turns out the guy (who was from P&P septic) was very patient with all my questions, if a little confused why i wanted to know.

he's got a big tank with vacuum hoses for sucking out the used fluid and solids. big hoses. and he has another big tank of clean fluid with a spigot and he uses a bucket to pour in the clean. he's got some fresh water for rinsing anything that needs it, and of course he carries refills for the hand sanitizer and the toilet paper.

they guy whose parking lot it is describes the P&P guys as decent and hardworking.

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