Wednesday, January 22, 2014


i have managed to live this late in my life without feeling i wanted of needed contact lenses. i've always liked my glasses. if eyes are the windows to the soul, glasses are sheer curtains for your windows, a little bit of privacy from your neighbors.

but glasses fog up inside ski goggles. they fog up when you're running or riding or waling in humid weather. and you have to be very careful about getting musplash on your face because that will scratch your glasses.

you know what else will scratch your glasses? barbed wire.

and i get barbed wire up in my face more often than one might think. the first scratch i got on this pair of glasses? i was walking in the woods and steeped on a piece of barbed wire, which spring up. i kid you not.

the scratch on my face? no big deal. my tetanus shots are up-to-date.

but the glasses? oh, the sadness!

and glasses are expensive. and i am always worrying that i will destroy a pair.

and last week i was hiking in the woods and i slipped on some ice which wouldn't have been a big deal except that while i was steadying myself, i caught my glasses on a small tree branch and broke the temple right off at the hinge.

so now i need new glasses.

and it's time for contacts. contacts will not fog. and i will be able to just wear sport shields to protect my eyes from all the other stuff. i will have better dust and wind protection on bikes. i won't have to worry about my glasses dropping out of a boat. i won't have to wear goggles on warm days skiing. i'll be able to read my orienteering compass better. i'm not kidding about this. my glasses frames get in the way of that.

it's TIME.

i'll still have glasses for when i want them, and i will want them. after all, i have worn them for forty years and i like them. i like how i feel in them and i like how i look in them.

but i do not like how they perform in sport conditions.

so now i'll have them and they won't always be getting scratched.

i am SO looking forward to this.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm jealous.
I can't wear them I have tried. I can only wear contacts in one eye.
bummed me out!!

flask said...

oh, good gracious! do NOT scare me like that! now i am all worried that i may not be able to wear them!!!

Zhoen said...

Some people just take to them. I'm betting you will love them. And they've gotten better over the years.

I have excessively sensitive eyes, getting examined with the light is a trial of blinking and tearing. Could not wear them at all. Could get them in, but getting them out just did not work. Very sad, the vision is SO much better with them.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Well. I just had a real duh moment. See, my husband has been kind of serious lately about getting Lasik surgery, because he wears glasses too. And if there were ever a person who should not be wearing glasses, it's him. For all the reasons you mentioned, plus other things like hunting and cutting wood and trapping and, well, everything that one should not do while wearing glass around the eyes.

But then he decided he should really pay off his law school loan instead, so no go on the surgery. It never occurred to me to suggest contacts to him. Maybe he's considered it and rejected the idea for some reason, but I just never thought of it. Because I don't wear glasses, I guess.

Anyway. Thanks for the thought.

Pixie Blue said...

Have had contact lenses since 5th grade. SO much better than glasses. They can hurt and there is risk of eye infection but it is not serious if take proper care. Always am carrying small saline bottle and case and hand cleaning gel for emergency cleaning.

Have been to water slide parks, skiing, motorcycle riding, diving, snorkling, extended backpack trips, sailing, windsurfing, all much better with contact lenses.

Different brands fit differently. Good eye doctor will figure out which one fits best to your eye shape. Also suggest get slightly tinted ones. In case you drop in sink or on counter, otherwise impossible to recover. Also helps with knowing if the lens is inside out, which is really painful if worn that way.


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